Matt Owen

Matt Owen

Pozíciók: Head of Social
Cég: Econsultancy


Matt Owen is Head of Social at Econsultancy. He looks after Econsultancy’s global social media strategy and architecture, where he has led community engagement and revenue growth since 2010.

Matt has a background in music, film and television, in addition to marketing, and was instrumental in building the UK's largest entertainment blog network before moving into dedicated social management and strategy. He has a particular interest in social measurement and organizational integration.

Working with Econsultancy’s global community of 200,000+ digital marketers daily across a variety of social channels, Matt has written a number of best practice guides for popular social platforms. He is also a regular contributor to the Econsultancy blog, industry titles and conference panels.

Matt continues to write and perform music regularly in his spare time.

Konferencia tartalmak

  • AllThingsFacebookKeynote: Facebook: Finding hidden value2014. március 6.

    In this session Matt will look at how different elements of Facebook work together to provide value, how this affects the types of content brands and businesses are producing, and how new updates have affected the reach and value of many pages. We’ll also look at how the full ROI of Facebook may not be visible, and ways that marketers can uncover this hidden value.