The brand will probably last forever, but it would be depressing if we didn’t move with the times. The world has changed and Playboy is as relevant now as it was in the ’70s. Now I can draw from older times that tapped into culture. You look back at the lad magazines of the ’90s and it’s hard to believe we got away with that kind of design. I think this is an exciting time for us to embrace what Playboy is about. Now we are trying to use younger, cooler photographers that use film. We use female photographers who take the best pictures of women because they understand them. - Chris Deacon, kreatív igazgató, Playboy

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A „Tabukról tabuk nélkül″ 2019-ben bemutatott 2. évada megnyerte az olaszországi Oniros Filmfesztivál fődíját a dokumentumfilmek kategóriájában.